Employee Uniform Rental Programs Make It Easier to Maintain a Safe, Clean, and Productive Work Environment

employee uniform rental programs and the work environment

Many employees wear work uniforms every day. For some, it may be a safety and compliance requirement. For others, branded work shirts ensure a professional appearance when working with customers. You may purchase uniforms or put ownership on employees to buy their work clothing. This requires a lot of administrative work and the constant concern that employees won’t have their uniforms, slowing or even stopping production.

What if you could take the burden off yourself and your employees, ensure every employee has the correct garments they need to do their jobs – even through staff changes, and provide work uniforms that were maintained correctly?

An employee uniform rental program from Roscoe gives you the peace of mind that everyone on your team will have the correct uniform, clean, and ready for work. These are the benefits of an employee uniform rental program from Roscoe:

Program Management

One of the most significant burdens of managing employee uniforms is ensuring you have the proper uniform for each employee. Staff changes, including turnover, promotions, and new hires, throw an extra step in the process. Dealing with the who, what, and when of uniforms is a full-time job.

As part of Roscoe’s uniform rental program, our team will personally measure each employee for a proper uniform fit. We’ll work with you to make sure you have the correct employee uniforms for the job, including meeting safety and compliance requirements. And when you experience staff changes, we’ll handle it.

Uniform Inventory & Tracking

When you internally manage uniforms and an employee’s uniform is lost or damaged, it’s on you to order a replacement. When you have a rental program, you can be confident you’ll always have clean, well-maintained uniforms for your employees.

Roscoe inspects each uniform for wear or damage, alters or repairs uniforms as required, and replaces uniforms that are no longer serviceable. We use state-of-the-art technology, including Ultra-High RFID chips and automated sorting, to manage each garment’s specific care and delivery requirements. We make sure your uniforms are clean and delivered on your schedule.

Cost Saving and Sustainability

Laundering your uniforms can be costly and time-consuming. Uniform rental programs can save money in the long run, offsetting laundering equipment and supply costs and employee time. Roscoe holds several certifications including TRSA Hygienically Clean and ISO 9001, and are HACCP Food Safety compliant. This ensures your uniforms are thoroughly cleaned and meet compliance requirements.

Roscoe is also the only industrial launderer in Chicago to be TRSA Clean Green Certified. TRSA Clean Green Certification recognizes companies that demonstrate responsible leadership in sustainability and conservation to protect the environment. From our hanger recycling program to our waste-water treatment practices, we go the extra mile to protect the Chicago community where we live, work, and play.

Professional Image

Roscoe’s uniform rental program ensures a consistent, professional image for your staff. From industrial work shirts and coveralls to automotive industry attire, we can brand your work uniforms with your logo and colors. Because we take employee measurements, your team will have well-fitting clothing that looks good and eliminates any safety concerns. Also, you can be confident your employee’s uniforms will be well maintained and clean for every wear.

Employee Culture

Employee uniforms provide many benefits for your employee culture. They help build a cohesive team environment and remove questions about appropriate work attire. Additionally, employees won’t have the added expense of purchasing work clothes or caring for them.

With everything on your plate, the last thing you should worry about is whether your employees have suitable workwear to do their jobs. Take the pressure off you and your staff with Roscoe’s employee uniform rental programs.

Roscoe is locally owned and operated in Chicago and has been providing work uniforms and facility management supplies to organizations in the Chicagoland area for over 100 years. We take pride in ensuring your workforce looks good and is job ready every day.

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