Automotive Repair Work Uniforms Keep Your Team Professional and Productive

Automotive repair work uniforms

Automotive repair workers and mechanics have a tough job. They constantly move in awkward positions encountering dangerous and messy substances, and machinery. They do this all while having to maintain a professional image to customers. Working with a quality work uniform company ensures your automotive repair work uniforms keep your mechanics safe and professional on the job.

Here are a few key features to look for in your auto repair work uniforms.


Bending down, turning sideways, looking under the hood, looking up, laying on their backs… automotive repair employees could have a second career in Cirque du Soleil. They also deal with temperature extremes, from summer heat to frigid air from open garage doors in the winter. As a result, mechanics need clothing built for mobility. They need uniforms in various garment and fabric options to stay productive on the job. With a comfortable work uniform made from breathable fabric, your automotive repair employees will spend their time working on vehicles instead of their clothing.


Auto repair uniforms need to be built to handle the job. Auto repair employees should have work uniforms made from fabrics that are built for durability and to hold up to the rigors of the job. Having work uniforms specifically manufactured for automotive repair requires fewer repairs and helps promote a more professional image.


In addition, work uniforms should be thoroughly cleaned to remove oil, dirt, and other materials. Not only will clean work uniforms keep your mechanics professional, but will also protect your employees from exposure to chemicals and contaminants. Your work uniform provider can ensure that uniforms are properly laundered every time to remove stubborn stains, greases, and oils.

Safe and Compliant

Depending on the task, it may be appropriate for your employees to wear protective clothing, such as fire-resistant garments to guard against sparks and electrical arcs. Additionally, coveralls protect them from paint, oil and other chemicals. Finally, visibility uniforms make sure your employees are seen on the job. Ensure you have the proper protective clothing to protect your mechanics against specific hazards.

Branded with Your Logo

From work shirts to coveralls, automotive repair uniforms can be branded with your logo. Employees in clean, professional, customized uniforms reinforce your brand value and trust with your clients. Branded employee uniforms create a team environment and help distinguish your employees so customers recognize them immediately.

Roscoe uniform company is the premier choice for employee work uniform services in the Chicago area. Family-owned and locally operated, we deliver clean, well-maintained work uniforms to your team. Our cutting-edge washing system ensures the utmost cleanliness and helps ensure your uniforms will always be Hygienically Clean. Having the industry’s most advanced auto sorting system your uniforms will be on time and without the shortages and headaches that working with national providers can bring.

From your auto repair mechanics to front office staff, our employee uniform services make sure your team is professional and productive. Contact us today to discuss your employee uniforms needs.

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