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Work Uniform Company Background

In 1921, George C. Buik and John P. O'Connell pooled their resources and founded the Roscoe Overall Laundry. Back then, these two entrepreneurs would wait at the gates of factories, pick up work uniforms and textiles, clean them at night, and return them the next morning.

Today, The Roscoe Company is owned and operated by Jim Buik, George's grandson, and we use a rental service model: we provide the merchandise, pick it up, and launder it in a very strict, controlled and sustainable environment.

Sustainability & Recycling

We now launder thousands of pounds of textiles every week and save hundreds of millions of gallons of water because we feel that being sustainable not only has a big impact not only on the environment, but also on our bottom line and our ability to serve our customers.

Since the beginning, Roscoe has been a pioneer in utilizing modern best practices in recycling. In the 1970s, we were the first industrial laundry in the nation to implement a wastewater pre-treatment system, and we work both internally and with suppliers to strengthen our conservation efforts, which has earned us the Governor's Sustainability Award for solid waste reduction (twice).

Quality Service & Technology

In addition to our interest in sustainability and the environment, Roscoe is always looking for ways to improve our service and the quality of our product. For example, all our garments have an RFID chip installed before they're first taken out of the stockroom. With this chip, we are able to track the life and history of each garment, including how many times it has been processed and repaired. We are now moving to UHF chips to scan every garment faster and with less chance of missing a scan.

We Take Pride

The entire Roscoe Company Team takes great pride in our work and we believe that we've have built the best team in the industry. If you take a walk through our plant, you'll see a sense of pride in our employees' eyes. There's a vested interest in doing a great job. Our team members really care, and we're not just talking about our leadership team. This includes people on the line, hanging shirts, rolling mats, and folding towels. This includees our route service reps, who average 14 years in the business. We also regard our customers as partners, which has played a big part in why we've been around for nearly a century.

As a local, family-owned company, we have a commitment not only to our customers, but also our team members and the community. That's a commitment we make day after day. We take pride in the service we deliver, we take pride in how we treat our team members, and we take pride in supporting the community to the fullest of our ability. What can we do for you?

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