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Getting Organized in 2014

Jim Buik - Friday, January 03, 2014

If you’re still trying to keep the resolutions made in 2011, or 2010, it might be time for some new ones. A resolution that might not be at the top of anyone’s list is to be more organized, personally and professionally. It’s not one we give a lot of thought too because it doesn’t sound exciting or grandiose, but it could lead to increased productivity and better time-management. And, who knows, you might even continue going to the gym through the second week of January.

Peter Economy gives 6 tips to getting and staying organized in the piece, “6 Keys to Getting Organized” – they are:

1. Set realistic goals and stay focused on them

Your goals are the North Star that you’ll follow day in and day out to achieve the success you desire. Be sure that they are realistic and inspiring, and keep them constantly front of mind so you’ll be reminded to maintain your focus on achieving them.

2. Get a calendar and maintain it, always

Whether it’s an old-fashioned desk calendar or the latest synced-across-ten-devices app-based wonder, the key is to use it religiously. If you find that by February you’re back to jotting down appointments on sticky notes, that’s a good sign you’re slipping!

3. Set your priorities at the start of each day

Devote 20 minutes at the beginning of your business day to set your priorities. Make this time yours and yours alone by forwarding your phone to voicemail, ignoring your email, and keeping your schedule clear. If you have a hard time setting aside this time, reserve the time by making a daily appointment with yourself in–where else?–your calendar.

4. Prioritize your priorities

Tackle your top priority first and your lowest priority last. This may seem obvious, but how many times do we do the quick-and-easy, low-payoff tasks first, and save the more difficult, high-payoff tasks for later? Unfortunately, later often never comes!

5. Tie up loose ends at the end of each day

Set aside at least 20 minutes at the end of your business day to tie up loose ends. Go through your remaining work and make assignments to employees, forward information to coworkers as necessary, respond to e-mail and voicemail messages, file away the things that you need to keep, and toss the rest. Finally, quickly review your appointments for the following day.

6. Clean up your workspace

It’s hard to stay organized and on top of your most important tasks and priorities when your desk or your office is a mess. Take an hour or two every week to organize the paperwork that is no doubt taking over every inch of surface area. File away the things you don’t need and take action on the things that require it. While a cluttered desk may not be the sign of a cluttered mind, it certainly won’t help you get and stay organized for success.

Why invest in getting organized? Because one great way to deal with the crises, emergencies, and many other things you can’t control is to be totally on top of the things you can control. You owe it to yourself, your employees, and your organization to always be the best you can be.

You can read the full article here. Let’s all resolve to be more organized in 2014.

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