Toilet Seat Sanitizers

When it comes to using public toilets, people shudder. Sure, many stalls have seat covers, but most of us don’t like them because you have to pick them apart, fit them on the seat just right, and then hope the gunk doesn’t bleed through to your skin. So you either hover or become a tissue artist draping it all over the seat until it’s safe to sit. Why can’t you have a clean, dry, comfortable seat to sit on like you have at home? Now you can.

Introducing FreshSeat: the world’s first toilet seat cleaner. Just hold some tissue under the dispenser, press the button for one second, wipe the seat clean and presto! You’ve got the clean, dry, comfortable seat you want. Is that too much to expect for yourself and your children? We think not.

Better Than Toilet Seat Covers

Surveys show that 8 out of 10 people prefer using FreshSeat over toilet seat covers. And FreshSeat is even more economical! Some ideas make so much sense, you wonder why nobody thought of it before. The important thing is that you and your customers experience FreshSeat first-hand. It’s the future, and it’s here today.

  • Contains NO alcohol to avoid skin irritation and other safety risks
  • Dries almost instantly for ideal customer convenience
  • Contains NO harsh, irritating disinfectants
  • Broad-spectrum foaming surfactant is more effective than alcohol in removing urine & fecal matter from the seat
  • Provides over 700 uses (1-second sprays) for greater value & less maintenance than alcohol gel type units
  • Foaming action offers easier application and leaves no residue when applied properly
  • Contains a greaseless, moisturizing lotion to prevent skin irritation and ensures a smooth, dry surface
  • Kills germs and sanitizes like soap and water
  • Projects a positive first impression
  • Moisturizing lotion is gentle on skin
  • Quick drying
  • Lemon fresh scent
  • Safer than paper toilet seat covers

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