Restroom Towels & Tissues

Since 1921, the Roscoe Company has served the Chicagoland area with a wide range of products and services including uniform services, laundry service, restroom facilities hygiene and a lot more. We are backed by ISO 9001 Certification and a reputation for customer service that is second to none.

The Roscoe Company offers a wide range of restroom facility services including paper towels and tissues for offices and workplace restrooms. We also offer a cloth towel laundry service for customers all across Chicago. Some of our most popular tissue and towel products include:

Paper Towels

  • Touch-only dispensing systems reduce cross-contamination
  • High capacity dispensers reduce labor and ensure supply availability
  • Durable locking systems deter pilferage
  • Control dispensing systems, minimize waste
  • Compact Jumbo rolls save storage space
  • Tough impact-resistant dispensers protect against vandalism
  • Absorbent, top quality products promote positive image
  • No moving parts to break or jam
  • We help manage the program by keeping an eye on your inventory levels
  • Promotes positive image

Paper Tissue

  • Reduces cross-contamination
  • Promotes positive image
  • Deters pilferage and protects against vandalism
  • Reduces labor
  • No moving parts
  • Saves storage space

Continuous Cloth Roll Towels

  • Weekly fresh and clean towels
  • People prefer soft, absorbent cloth
  • No investment
  • Minimum storage space
  • No mess, no litter
  • Sanitary and safe

For office restroom towels, paper towels and tissues, the Roscoe Company really delivers!

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