Restroom Custom Floor Mats

Roscoe’s Restroom Floor Mats are unique, one of a kind, scented floor mats designed to address the age-old dilemma of splash, drips, and complete misses that cause stain, odor, and costly floor damage in restrooms.

Wet floors and puddles in restrooms caused by splash around urinals and commodes are unsightly, unsanitary, unsafe and a constant source of odor. Roscoe’s restroom floor mats are perfectly sized to catch and contain all splashes and drips, providing a drier, safer floor surface. They are also scented to fight odors and help keep restrooms safe and sanitary.

Restroom Floor Mats Protect Flooring and Grout

The inner super absorbent fibers catch drips and splashes that could stain your floors, preventing grout discoloration and costly floor damage. Urinal mats fit snugly against the wall under both urinals and wall mounted commodes. The bottom layer keeps the mat from slipping; it cannot be kicked or accidentally moved out of place.

The mats are custom engineered to avoid urine track off from the bottom of shoes onto carpeting and other floor surfaces in common areas of a building. The result is a cleaner, more hygienic environment.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

Make restroom maintenance easier and faster by reducing the number of daily mopping normally needed to remove puddles and clean away drips and splashes. We exchange the mats for you on the basis of a weekly lease. No mess, no fuss.

While mats may be mopped over with a slightly wet mop, for maximum life span of mat it is best to simply mop around the mat when cleaning the floor.

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