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Hand Sanitizers, Cleaners & Soaps

Roscoe offers a wide range of restroom supplies and hand cleansers, including hand soaps, foam soaps and waterless hand sanitizers.

Facilities Hygiene – Hand Cleaners

What makes our facilities hygiene products better than anyone else’s in Chicago? The answer is simple. Roscoe cares about our customers and we take pride in helping you take pride in your company! Contact Roscoe online to get a fast quote or to learn more about our hand cleaner products.

Hand Soaps

  • Antibacterial, antiseptic
  • Protects against minor infections and irritation
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Available in rich, lathering lotion and industrial grit Soap
  • E-2 Soap for food preparation industries

Foam Soaps

Our antimicrobial hand wash is the easiest way to clean hands. A fragranced, luxuriant foam, it is easily dispensed for an enjoyable hand wash. Sense the difference.

  • Suitable for washrooms
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Not for heavy soil environments
  • Fragrant, luxuriant foam for an enjoyable hand wash
  • For light soil environments

Waterless Hand Sanitizer*

Our waterless hand sanitizer is formulated to gently cleanse, soften, condition and protect your skin. Biodegradable and pH neutral to the skin, it contains an antiseptic ingredient that provides a high level of antimicrobial effectiveness.

  • Perfect where no sink is available
  • No water or towels are needed
  • Suitable for office environments
  • Reduces the transfer of germs between office personnel
  • Gently cleanses, softens, conditions and protects your skin
  • Biodegradable and pH neutral to the skin
  • Provides a high level of antimicrobial effectiveness
  • Reduces the transfer of germs

* Not for high-soil areas

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