Custom Commercial Floor Mat Systems

A Mat System is one of the best investments you can make in your business. The Roscoe Company is Chicago’s leading provider of commercial mats, industrial mats, custom floor and door mats and so much more!

  • Commercial floor mats save money in building maintenance by capturing much of the dirt that would damage carpet and floor finishes, and reducing cleaning labor costs
  • Floor mats help protect expensive equipment by reducing the dust and static electricity that can cause damage
  • Industrial floor mats reduce workplace injuries with heavy Nitril rubber backing that reduces curling and movement
  • Mat systems increase worker safety and comfort with anti-fatigue properties and design. Safety Message Mats also promote safety
  • Custom floor mats reinforce your company’s image by reducing dirt tracked into your business and providing an attractive entrance, especially with one of our beautiful custom logo mats

Floor Mat Rental Service

Roscoe floor mat rental service offers a unique and customizable system for mat rentals that includes strategic use of four key types of floor mats:

  • Scraper Entrance Mats: Entrance mats are your first line of defense scraping dirt, mud, snow, water and debris from boots and shoes at building entrances
  • Super Bristle Mats: The second stage of the system has a carpet pile with stiff bristles that grab 50% more dirt than mats without bristles
  • Image Mats: Follows the Super Bristle Mat, removing final dust and moisture from boots and shoes
  • Custom Logo Mat: Sturdy and durable, Logo Mats promote your company’s image throughout your facility

Floor Mat Systems

Whatever type of floor mat system you are looking for, the Roscoe Company has a solution for you. We offer a wide range of floor mat products including mat rentals, customized floor mats with your logo and many different versions for use in industrial applications, such as restaurant kitchens, factory floors and more.

Contact us to learn more or to get a quote for custom commercial floor mats