Custom Floor Mats: 7 Reasons We Take PRIDE in Our Mats

1. Variety

  • We offer the widest variety of standard colors and sizes in the market and unlimited logo mat colors.
  • Our special order mats are available in virtually unlimited dimensions and shapes.

2. Selection

3. Specialty Mats

  • Oil Soakers absorb oils, inks, solvents, and other liquids that can lay flat or wrap around equipment.
  • Restroom Mats for floor protection around toilets and urinals.
  • Ulti-Mats with a carpet/bristle pile for aggressive soil removal and a raised border for water containment.

4. Finishing and Maintenance

  • After washing, we dry our mats, which very few companies do – we don’t deliver wet mats.
  • Drying removes any sand or grit left in mat after washing and makes the pile spring up for a more plush look and better performance.
  • We replace our mats as they wear and have one of the highest quality levels in the market.

5. Quality

  • Vacuuming a mat only removes 10% of the dirt, as dirt falls to the bottom of the mat and gets hung up in the pile.  Excess dirt lies on top of the mat, and foot traffic picks it up and transports it throughout the facility.  We take the mat away and exchange it for a clean mat which has been thoroughly laundered.
  • Our carpeted mats are made with a heat twist nylon yarn that springs back after being stepped on so they won’t mat down.
  • We also offer special order mats made with a thicker backing to make the mat heavier for less movement.

6. Service Accountability

  • RF Chipping & SmarTrack™ System tracks our mats, providing customers accountability with service.

7. Safety and Protection

  • Our Mats are ADA Compliant: ADA (American Disability Act) compliance requires that mats have ramps on the border and are no more than 2 inches high.
  • Our mats are also NFSI (National For Safety Institute) Certified: many of our competitors do not have mats that are NFSI compliant.
  • The backing of our mats is produced using Nitril Rubber, which reduces curling so mats lay flat on floor surfaces.
  • Our Comfort Flow Mats are made with an anti-microbial property that lasts the life of the mat, and are also grease resistant.
  • Our carpeted mats are made with a Static Dissipative Yarn containing carbon filament, reducing the static electricity that can damage computers and office equipment.

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