Work Uniforms: Program Options

Roscoe offers multiple ways for you to protect and finance your work uniform rentals.

Rental Protection Plans

Roscoe offers seven different protection plans:

Rental Protection Plans

Fixed Rental Rate Pricing

Hold rental rates firm for duration of agreement

Garment Maintenance Program

Covers early replacement charges

Loss Maintenance Program

Covers loss charges

Combined Maintenance Program

Covers early replacement and loss charges

Premium Prep Program (PPP)

The PPP is a voluntary program designed to eliminate all emblem and make-up charges, or costs that are incurred when putting a new garment into service. With the PPP, these one time costs can be eliminated by paying just a few pennies per week for each work uniform garment in service, which spreads these costs out more evenly throughout the year.

N.E.W. Garment Plan

The N.E.W. (Never Ever Worn) Garment Program allows the enrolled customer to provide every employee with a new work uniform garment whenever it’s clear that a replacement is required. There are no rules, surprises or expectations.

Premium Mat Program

Covers damage and loss charges

Leasing Options

Work Uniform Leasing Options

The Roscoe Company’s work uniform lease option works nearly the same as our uniform rental option, with 3 main differences:

  • Roscoe doesn’t wash the uniforms (they can still be turned in for repairs and/or replacement)
  • Since you will be doing your own laundry, you will be provided with 5 sets of uniforms, versus a total inventory of 11 (for 5 changes per week) as illustrated above for a rental program
  • The price of the uniform lease option is noticeably less than the rental option

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