Valparaiso Laundry & Work Uniform Rental Service

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For decades now, The Roscoe Company has been serving the Chicago area, starting with towel recycling in the 1920s. Since then we have grown immensely. In Illinois and surrounding areas like Valparaiso, we have several long time customers.

Today, Roscoe has become the go-to company for mats and uniforms. Roscoe provides towels, wipers, mops and hygiene products, too. Roscoe is flexible; products are available for rent, lease or purchase. We also offer uniform cleaning service and rental service.

Serving Valparaiso Businesses with Pride

Roscoe has been serving greater Chicagoland since 1921. By supplying super bristle mats, flame resistant uniforms and much more, Roscoe has created strong ties with our customers and businesses. The Roscoe Company looks forward to serving your business, too. Please call us to get more information on how we can start to serve your company today.

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