Work Uniforms & Garment Rentals

Roscoe uniform rentals are delightfully easy! On your assigned delivery day, your Roscoe Route Service Representative will pick up all soiled work uniform garments to be laundered and returned to you They will also deliver all the clean uniforms that were turned in and laundered the previous week. You should bring soiled garments to the assigned pick-up spot before delivery time. Should your pick-up time change due to a holiday or any other reason, your company will be notified in advance.

If you are on a 5-Change Program (five clean work uniforms delivered every week), you will receive 6 sets of uniforms when you start the program. The following delivery you will receive an additional 5 sets making your total inventory 11 sets

Example: 5 soiled uniforms are picked up. 5 clean uniforms are delivered. 1 clean uniform is on you.

Remember: You only get back what you turn in. Never turn in more soiled work garments than you’ve been allotted or you will not have the proper number of clean changes to wear the following week.

Pick up and Delivery

Pick up and Delivery

Each Roscoe work uniform garment carries a personalized tape identifying “your” garments. Roscoe adds individual bar codes to each garment we issue. This means you will never be short a garment, and we will be able to track pick-ups and deliveries of all garments.

If you believe you did not receive all garments you turned in the previous week, contact your supervisor or your Roscoe Route Service Representative.

How To Get Help with Uniform Rental Services

We inspect every work uniform garment and make all repairs we encounter or replace the garment as needed. You know the garments you wear better than anybody.

If you notice that a repair or alteration is needed, simply go to the nearest Roscoe Yellow Bag Repair Station and fill out a Roscoe Yellow Repair Bag, then place the garments in the bag and tie the bag, and put the garment in the locker labeled for repairs. If no repair locker is available, use the normal soiled garment storage area. If you feel the garment needs to be replaced, fill out the bag noting “replace”. If the garment has reached its Expected Life Cycle we will replace it at no charge. There will be a ready supply of Roscoe Yellow Repair Bags in your changing area.

If work uniform garments are lost, prematurely worn out, stolen, or damaged, they will be replaced, and your company will be billed for the replacement. Should you leave your current job, all garments assigned to you must be returned.

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