Sloppy Weather Meets its Mat(ch)

Ulti-Mat detail

In Chicago, we don’t need a groundhog to tell us if the weather is about to change. It’s always about to change.

And while we had a bit of a dry spell over the summer, it’s already time to start thinking about that wet, sloppy season known as… well you know what it’s known as.

Not to cast a cloud (ahem) over what is shaping up to be a beautiful fall, but if you run a business, it is time to start planning for sloppy weather.

That means having the right accessories underfoot.

Keep Mud, Sleet, Snow & Rain Out of the Workplace

In most climates, the rainy season lasts only a few months, typically during parts of spring and summer. However, for the Chicago area, the wet season lasts a staggering seven months, from March through October. And what comes afterward isn’t exactly dry.

Keeping the rain, mud and snowmelt outside is a high priority for businesses for a lot of reasons, some of them more obvious than others. Wet floors are an obvious safety risk and a key contributor to slip and fall accidents. But rainwater and snowmelt that is tracked indoors brings a lot of dirt and debris with it that can also affect indoor air quality. All of which can also affect employee morale and productivity.

The right system of floor mats is an investment in health and safety that pays off literally door to door. And nothing does as much to keep slippery weather outside as our Super Bristle and Ulti-Mats. These mats are ideal for stopping water, mud and dirt at entrances.

The Ulti-Mats include a raised border to contain water and the bristle and carpeted pile of these mats traps dirt and debris before it can be tracked inside.

Combined with our reliable program for laundering and maintenance, our floor mats get the job done year-round, with on-schedule pick-up, deep cleaning and delivery – and the confidence that comes from knowing you have the right system in place for safety and cleanliness.

Reliable Mats for Workplace Safety in any Weather

Our Super Bristle and Ulti-Mats are ADA compliant and provide a cost-effective barrier to dust, dirt, rain, snow and other debris that can be tracked in on the bottom of shoes. As the most effective and abrasive mats in the industry, they can:

  • Stop up to 35% more dirt than traditional mats
  • With static dissipative pile, be used around sensitive electronic equipment
  • Prevent dirt, salt and other debris from entering your workspace
  • Contain water with a raised border
  • Perform like new with regular commercial laundering

At Roscoe, we have the floor mat solution you need for every part of your workplace. And we’re ready for whatever Chicago weather has in store.

To learn more about the right system of floor mats for your workplace, give us a call or click on the link below.

Image: A close look at the Ulti-Mat’s combination of abrasive and static-dissipative nylon fibers, which trap 35% more dirt.

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