Illinois Governor's Sustainability Award

Established in 1987, the Illinois Governor’s Sustainability Award recognizes both private and public Illinois organizations that demonstrate “outstanding and innovative sustainable techniques or technologies” and support the environmental, social, and economic health of Illinois.

Identified as an “elite group of committed leaders,” the recipients of this award contribute to the growth of Illinois’ economy by prioritizing conservation throughout operations, programs, company culture, and more.

In 2018, the award applicants collectively saved 19 million gallons of water, 39 million kilowatts of electricity, and 2.2 million tons of solid waste. Applicants are evaluated on their certifications for environmental sustainability, community and employee engagement, renewable energy initiatives, waste reduction, and more.

What This Means for You

When you partner with Roscoe, you can have confidence that our services and products are safe, sustainable, and high quality. We care about keeping our communities clean to build a greener future for Illinois.

  • We’ve removed toxins from our laundering processes to reduce solid waste, switching from ferric chloride to inert clay
  • To keep our communities waste-free, our facilities use reusable, rather than plastic bags
  • We maintain competitive pricing in part thanks to our reduced consumption of electricity

Roscoe is a two-time winner of the Sustainability Award for initiatives that have led to dramatic reductions in water and energy use and waste and we continue to pursue technology and process improvements as part of a commitment to sustainability that goes back almost 100 years.

Learn more about our sustainability practices, Clean Green Certification, and ways we set ourselves apart from other laundering partners.

At Roscoe, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability, the highest possible customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in our processes and services. Those are among the goals that drive us to seek out independent third-party assessments of our processes and services. Learn more: The Roscoe Difference

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