Full-Service Laundry Environmental Leadership & Compliance

Roscoe takes tremendous pride in its efforts to preserve our limited natural resources. We continue to be a leader in the laundry services industry with wastewater treatment, energy conservation, waste minimization, and recycling programs.

Hanger Recycling

Hanger Recycling | Roscoe Chicago

Roscoe uses over 450,000 hangers every month. As you can imagine, throwing them all away would create an environmental hazard and increase costs.

Your Route Service Representative supplies you with a hanger tote for hanger recycling and less mess in locker rooms. Once you retrieve your garment, place the hanger in the tote so they can be returned and reused. Please take care not to bend the hangers.

For each rack of hangers we get back, Roscoe makes a charitable contribution to The United Way. Your help can make a difference!

Bacteria-Fighting Laundering: HACCP Process

There are many claims about anti-bacterial laundering. But know the facts: Properly laundered garments or linen will be free of bacteria when exposed to three conditions detrimental to bacteria. Collectively, these conditions create a hostile course which only a very few organisms can possibly survive.

  • Temperature – A temperature of 165 degrees will kill tuberculosis organisms in 15 seconds
  • Bleaching – Bleach is a long-recognized germicide. At a mild concentration of chlorine, E coli and Staphylococcus aurous are killed in 30 seconds
  • Sour Conditions – Since bacteria generally do not favor an acid condition, the sour operation possesses antibacterial properties.

According to Dober Chemical, our industry’s most progressive chemical supplier, "The Roscoe laundry wash formula for white meat coats meets all three conditions. I know of no other industrial laundry that exceeds the formula that is in presently operation at Roscoe."

It is unlawful to even imply antimicrobial product activity without the appropriate studies and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registration. Serious legal fines can result if products and services are misrepresented regarding unregistered and unproven antimicrobial activity. If an EPA registration number is not clearly identified, there is good reason to doubt the claim of antibacterial process. Rest assured, Roscoe uses exclusively EPA-registered products from Dober Chemical.

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