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Laundry Service: Towels & Linens

Laundry services from the Roscoe company include towels, bibs, bistro and waist aprons. Since 1921, we have served the city of Chicago with ‘Roscoe Pride’. Clean, on time, reliable and superior value are the hallmarks of the Roscoe service.

Bib, Bistro & Waist Aprons

  • Variety of colors and styles
  • Direct embroidery or emblems available

Kitchen, Bar, Hand & Bath

  • A towel for every application
  • Shop Towels
  • Restaurant Towels
  • Tissues
  • Restaurants, Restrooms, Fitness Clubs, Hospitals, and more!

Paper Towels

  • Reduces cross-contamination
  • Promotes positive image
  • Deters pilferage & protects against vandalism
  • Reduces labor & minimizes waste
  • No moving parts & saves storage space

Continuous Cloth Roll Towels

  • More absorbent, cost-effective and less mess than paper
  • More sanitary than paper and electric hand dryers
  • Weekly fresh and clean towels
  • People prefer soft, absorbent cloth
  • No investment
  • Minimum storage space

Our linens and towels service is available throughout the city and is backed by our excellent customer service. Need towels or linens?

Contact us to learn more or to get a quote for towels and linen laundry services