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Roscoe Customer Survey Nets Record-High Satisfaction Levels

While interviewing customers about their level of satisfaction will probably never land Carl Hendrickson a spot on anybody’s “most difficult jobs” list – at least as long as there are oil rig workers and Alaskan crab fishermen to compete with – our customers have a way of making his job pretty tough.

And this year they’ve done it again.

Hendrickson’s job, in fact, could be described as fishing, in a sense. Year after year, as President of Market Measurement Inc., he goes deep in search of the details that provide us with the things we need to do to keep …


Go Local for Work Uniform Excellence, Reliability and Customer Service

Your choice of a work uniform provider is not a small decision, no matter what business you are in.

For safety, comfort and a professional appearance day after day, a high-quality work uniform program can take a lot of worry off your plate.

When you find a high-quality work uniform provider in your own backyard, it might feel like an extra bit of luck, but it’s no coincidence.

“Each customer represents a relationship, not just an account.”

– Sales Team Leader Graham Johnson.

Industry surveys show that local, independently owned work uniform companies outrank their national competitors in customer assessments …


Roscoe Kicks Off 2021 Spring United Way Campaign

Giving back to the community and supporting charitable organizations is part of Roscoe’s commitment to excellence. Our yearly United Way campaign is one way we stay connected to our community.

Roscoe’s involvement in United Way dates to the 1950s, when the organization was still known as Crusade of Mercy. Each year, our team members and leaders participate in a campaign to donate a small amount of our weekly paychecks – an amount that Roscoe matches 100%, doubling the contribution to United Way.

“This is part of our culture, part our of heritage,” said Roscoe President Jim Buik, speaking to team …


Cultivating Talent Key to Achieving Workplace Diversity

“I’m very lucky to have found a family-owned company like Roscoe that values and respects all cultures and diverse backgrounds.” To me, that is what makes us a strong company.” – Roscoe Operations Team Leader Miriam Avila

When Miriam Avila started at Roscoe as an entry-level production employee in 1994, her supervisor Mike Alesia quickly realized she had leadership potential.

He was right. Within seven years she was part of the Roscoe leadership team, heading up production in our main plant.

A series of promotions and 27 years later, today Avila oversees the Roscoe Operations Team. She considers herself fortunate …


Roscoe Certifications: Stretching to New Heights

Stretching is an important part of the continuous improvement process – sometimes literally, as when we implemented pre-shift stretching for our team members on the advice of a safety consultant.

Metaphorically speaking, stretching is how we ensure that we are constantly upping our game when it comes to providing the highest quality service for our customers and protecting the health and safety of both our customers and our team members.

“When a company is ISO-certified, it’s an immediate respect factor. (Our prospects and customers) know the time and dedication it takes to stay ISO certified.” – Roscoe Sales Team Leader