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The Early Bird Gets the Job Done Right

When it’s your job to help a lot of other people get ready for their jobs, your work day begins at a time that could easily be mistaken for night.

That’s true for a lot of us at Roscoe, but especially for the team members who work on the wash floor. So when Sergio Peña was assigned to the wash floor as his part of a recent internal audit, setting his alarm clock to wake at 1:15 a.m. was a bit of an effort, even for the early-rising District Service Manager.

Peña ordinarily arrives at 5 a.m. to oversee …


Roscoe CEO on Family Business Strategies for Managing Pandemic Challenges

Roscoe CEO Jim Buik shared his thoughts with readers of the Daily Herald’s Business Ledger recently on the strategies that have helped Roscoe manage the challenges of the coronavirus and that can help other family business owners minimize their disruption as well.

Among other assets he has been able to draw upon, Buik writes of the “close relationships among long-tenured team members” at Roscoe.

Those team members are like a second family within the business, Buik writes, and the trust that has built up between team leaders and frontline team members over decades is a big part of what has …


7 Signs that You Have the Wrong Work Uniform Provider

Business partnerships take time and trust, but sometimes things just don’t work out. From low-quality uniforms to poor customer service, finding the right uniform partner can be a challenge. Here are the top warning signs that you’re working with the wrong uniform provider.

1. Your Employees Hate the Uniforms

If your employees are raising concerns about uniforms, don’t make the mistake of ignoring them. Taking care of your team is about ensuring their comfort and safety while on the job. Employees may not like their uniforms for a variety of reasons, including:

  • They’re uncomfortable
  • They’re bulky or difficult to


Roscoe CEO on Safety and Inspiration for the Path Forward

The last few months have brought challenges on a scale that few could have imagined. But big challenges can also bring out the best in us, driving us to find solutions and inspiring big plans.

While the pain, suffering and worry many families have had to bear under the threat of a worldwide health crisis is still with us, Roscoe CEO and TRSA Chairman Jim Buik writes in his most recent chairman’s column of the ways in which business, including ours, is beginning to move forward.

“We are all very fortunate to have great teams developing and executing safety and


Maintaining “Traction” Throughout Challenging Times

“Vision without traction is merely hallucination.”

― Gino Wickman, Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business

It takes more than a vision to steer a family-owned business through all of the challenges a century can bring.

As Roscoe has passed through three generations of the Buik family, the challenges have always kept pace alongside our commitment to core values that include service, integrity, consistency and continuous improvement.

So while the coronavirus is unquestionably among the biggest obstacles we have ever faced, we find ourselves returning to the principles and processes that have gotten us this far.

Roscoe President Jim Buik, …