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Eliminate Missing Work Uniforms with a Uniform Delivery Service that Combines Technology and Customer Service

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The number one complaint from organizations that use another uniform delivery service is missing garments. Employee uniforms and workwear are an integral tool for your workforce. They maintain a safe, professional, and productive environment. When items are not delivered on time and to specification, it is difficult for your employees to do their jobs.

You need a reliable employee uniform delivery service that utilizes today’s most innovative tracking technology without compromising personalized customer service.

Ultra-High Frequency RFID Garment Tracking 

UHF RFID is short for “Ultra-High Frequency Radio-Frequency Identification.” Digital data is encoded on UHF RFID tags, which a data reader …


Roscoe Combines Fitness and Philanthropy to Raise Money for Sarah’s Circle

Roscoe Combines Fitness and Philanthropy to Raise Money for Sarah’s Circle

Sarah’s Circle is a non-profit organization located in the heart of Chicago that provides a full spectrum of services for women, including housing and life necessities, to help permanently overcome homelessness. While Roscoe, a Chicago-based employee uniform rental company, has been a donor to Sarah’s Circle for some time, the Roscoe team decided to up the ante and combine fundraising for Sarah’s Circle with Roscoe’s annual employee Steps Challenge. The result was an increased focus on wellness and a closer connection with the community for Roscoe employees.

Sarah’s Circle and Roscoe Connection

“My sister Nancy was a supporter of Sarah’s …