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Safety Driving Tips for Fleet

Jim Buik - Friday, February 21, 2014

With the volatility of the weather this winter it is no surprise that highway fatalities have increased. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) there were 1,082 more deaths in 2012 than in 2011, mostly involving motorcyclists and pedestrians. While highway deaths over the past five years continue to remain at historic lows there is always room to be safer and make improvements.

The Chicago uniform company has a significant fleet and we want to ensure they are as prepared as possible while they are out on the road.

All of our trucks are equipped with Venture GPS which has the capability to track the speed of the Route Service Representative. We enforce a strict 55 mph at the uniform company on the highway and it will send an alert to the Service Team Leader if they drive at increased speeds. Unfortunately, the roads are unpredictable, therefore, the following tips can help reduce accidents.

  • Never drive distracted
  • Allow a motorcyclist a full lane width
  • Always signal your intentions and check mirrors and blind spots
  • Learn the different motorcyclists signals
  • Look out for pedestrians everywhere, at all times
  • Never pass vehicles stopped at a crosswalk
  • Follow slower speed limits in school zones and in neighborhoods where there are children present
  • Follow truck lane restrictions

Driving conditions are exacerbated in this wintry mix we were bestowed. Therefore, before even getting out on the road follow these safe winter driving tips for cars or trucks.

  • Check your battery for sufficient voltage and condition of belts and cable connections
  • Check your cooling system for sufficient levels, leaks and if designed to withstand winter temperatures (a 50/50 mix of coolant to water is usually sufficient)
  • Fill your windshield washer reservoir with high-quality, no-freeze fluid before the first snow hits. Also keep extra on hand in your vehicle.
  • Make sure your window defrosters and windshield wipers work and replace worn blades
  • Verify floor mat installation (size, fit, unstacked) to prevent pedal interference
  • Inspect your tires for proper tire pressure, thread and age
  • Stock your vehicle with a snow shovel, broom, ice scraper, abrasive material, jumper cables, flashlight, warning device, blankets and any food and water

If you want to equip your route operators with high or enhanced visibility clothing for increased protection, the uniform company offers shirts, safety vest, pants and outerwear. Click here to find out more about these garments.

Roscoe is proud to be a part of your safety initiatives.

Contact us to learn more about Roscoe: The Chicago Work Uniform Company

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