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Roscoe Presents Textile Service Webinar with TRSA

Jim Buik - Monday, December 07, 2015

TRSA recently hosted the webinar "Leadership and Coaching for Textile Services Managers and Staff Members." The webinar was led by our production team leader, Miriam Avila, and our service team leader, Wesley Rowe.

Miriam and Wes discussed their duties, tools and training programs we've implemented in our day-to-day operations to empower our team members. Miriam detailed our on-boarding and training process for new production hires, and Wes discussed the training modules the company uses to bring its route services representatives (RSR) up to speed on the job duties. Below is a little more about their experience.

Read the whole TRSA article here...

Production Team Leader: Miriam Avila

Miriam started with Roscoe about 22 years ago as a front line operator in production. Around that time, Roscoe got started with the TRSA skills certification program now called the Certified Professional Laundry Manager (CPLM). Miriam went through all three levels of the program. She was cross-trained between departments, performed peer training and did route ride-alongs where she directly saw the impact of her work in production. Roscoe employees showing leadership potential are encouraged to become a CPLM to improve their performance and quality, thus advancing their careers.

Following TRSA certification, Miriam successfully completed TRSA's Executive Management Institute (EMI) offered through the University of Maryland. EMI is a four-year program founded in 1965 that develops the management and leadership skills of participants through team-building, interactive sessions emphasizing information-sharing and problem solving.

Miriam now leads a group of 24 production team members. In Miriam's words, "Because of how Roscoe operates, we invest in our team leaders and members. It's an investment but, when you put in the time with proper tools and training, the end result is you have a very well running organization from the guy rolling mats to the VPs."

Service Team Leader Wes Rowe

Here's what our service team leader had to say: "What first made me want to join Roscoe 16 years ago after working with a company bought by Cintas is the structure in place. Being ISO certified, ensuring that any job is operated safely, working closely with OSHA, offering highest production quality – all was impressive and has since been improved upon."

As part of the webinar, Wes talked about step-by-step procedures for our drivers, which we call route service reps (RSRs) because they're more than just pick-up/drop-off employees. They are the face of Roscoe and build relationships with our customers, and they get weekly training.

Why do we call our leadership "team leaders" vs. managers? According to Wes: "An actual leader is a person that looks at the entire picture of the business: what you do, how you affect the number, quality, growth, etc. Managers are very task oriented that may not consider the big picture, just getting a particular job done. We want to be efficient but as safe as possible. When there's a mistake or deficiency, we immediately address and re-train the employee if necessary while it's fresh. We're good at fixing problems but also being proactive to prevent mistakes from happening."

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