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Reusable Rental Shop Towels, Mops & Mats and the Profitability of Sustainability

Mark Stedman - Friday, May 05, 2017

Reusable Rental Shop Towels and Rags

Sustainability pays dividends to the environment, but it can also have a positive impact on the bottom line. Many organizations understand the benefits associated with work uniform rentals but reusable shop towels (rags), dust mops, wet mops, and floor mats processed weekly or every other week are also more sustainable and less expensive than disposable products. Having these products available, and in clean condition, reduces overall building maintenance and cleaning costs.

Reusable Cloth Shop Towels

Because of the Shop Towel Rule, it's illegal to dispose of contaminated shop and print towels with certain wastes in the regular garbage. Reusable shop towels also do the work of at least five paper towels because of their weight, absorbency and durability.

A claim was initiated by a large manufacturer of paper disposable towels stating that reusable shop towels are unsafe for users because of residual metal being left on the towels after they've been laundered. The truth is that rental shop towels are regulated by the EPA so that each wash removes enough soil to eliminate any risk to human health in their reuse. An independent research study commissioned by the TRSA provides conclusive evidence that laundered shop towels do not pose a safety risk to users and are a safe choice for industrial wiping.

So not only are they safe and more effective, but reusable cloth shop towels also take up less landfill space than disposable paper towels and cloth rags that are thrown away after a single use.

Reusable Dust & Wet Mops

Microfiber Dust & Wet Mops

Many companies purchase disposable dust and wet mops. What makes ours perform better than disposable products is that, as rental products, we removed all the soil from them when turned in for regular cleaning so that you have fresh, clean mops on-hand all of the time. Disposable mops are often overused and, as a result, spread dirt around instead of cleaning the floor. This increases floor maintenance costs and wear and tear on your floor’s fine finish.

Additionally, our blended dust and wet mops pick up more dirt and lasts longer than cotton mops, especially when using Infinity Twist mops from Golden Star.  We also offer microfiber mops that are even more aggressive at picking up dust and dirt.

Sustainability of Reusable Floor Mats

As with dust and wet mops, using rental floor mats that are cleaned on a regular basis are both sustainable and can reduce overall expenses. Floor mats that are purchased and not cleaned on a regular basis become saturated with dirt and debris, which is then spread throughout your facility by foot traffic. This dirt also becomes airborne and negatively affects the performance of electronic equipment and the general overall air quality within a building. Rental mats are picked up on a regular frequency for cleaning and, in doing so, we remove the dirt from your facility.

Because the mats that we use with our rental services are extremely high quality, well maintained and washed frequently, they are used for many years whereas purchased mats are typically thrown away and replaced annually, which takes up more landfill space. Rental floor mats are far more effective and sustainable than disposable mats.


Reusable shop towels, floor mats and dust/wet mops are right for environment and the bottom line. They're even more sustainable when laundered by a rental service that is Clean Green Certified by the Textile Rental Service Association (TRSA).

Contact us to learn more about reusable rental shop towels, dust and wet mops, and floor mats

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