Work Uniforms: Rental Protection Plans

Work Uniforms: Rental Protection Plan

The GLPP offers customers an alternative to paying large lump-sum charges for work uniform rentals should they become lost. This option helps businesses prevent work uniform rental invoices to fluctuate. The program charges the customer per garment in inventory each week and gives them a limited number of garments replaced at no charge and then a 50% discount on the balance.

Total Garment Protection Plan (TGPP)

The TGPP is a work uniform package plan including the Garment Maintenance Protection Plan (GMPP) plus the Garment Loss Protection Plan (GLPP).

Premium Prep Program (PPP)

The PPP is a voluntary program designed to eliminate all emblem and make-up charges, or costs that are incurred when putting a new garment into service. With the PPP, these one time costs can be eliminated by paying just a few pennies per week for each work uniform garment in service, which spreads these costs out more evenly throughout the year.

N.E.W. Garment Plan

The N.E.W. (Never Ever Worn) Garment Program allows the enrolled customer to provide every employee with a new work uniform garment whenever it's clear that a replacement is required. There are no rules, surprises or expectations.

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